Who We Are

The Metalshapers Association (MSA) is an international community of members who are interested in learning and sharing knowledge pertaining to the shaping of compound curves and other shapes in all kinds of metals relating to automotive, aircraft, art and other applications. The association maintains a website of resources for all who wish to participate on any level, and maintains discussion related groups. The MSA web site is designed to serve as a center of information about metalshaping for members, the press, and the general public.

Through the discussion groups, MSA provides a forum for socializing, networking, learning, discussing, archiving, demonstrating, preserving and advancing skills and techniques, in the hopes of expanding the trade to as many eager minds as possible.

We are in the process of reformatting our site to put it into a form that’s easier to use, and easier to find what you’re looking for. Down the right side of each page you’ll find a set of links: Articles, Links, About MSA, and links to our sponsors. At the top of page, there are links that will take you to our new forum and albums. All of the posts made to the old forum have been imported into the new one. We will be moving the albums from the old forum over, too, and then the old forum and albums will be permanently closed.

Unfortunately, you will have to register again in order to post in the new forum, and registration is required to view the albums. The registration process sends out an email that you must respond to before your registration can be approved. We know this is a bit more work for you, but it helps us weed out the spammers who would like to take over the forum for their own evil purposes. If registration fails for some reason, contact the webmaster and we will do whatever we can to help you become a registered member of the forum.

Check back often. There are many changes coming to the Metalshapers Association site.

Please show your appreciation for our sponsors by visiting their web sites. They are the good people who make this web site possible!